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Holiday Inspiration: Hang the Lights in Style


The holiday season is quickly approaching. If you’ve lived in Kansas City for long, you know residents look forward to the myriad festive light displays around the city each year. In fact, holiday lights in KC can get downright competitive!

That said, whether you’re out to win the neighborhood prize or you simply want to contribute to the holiday cheer, hanging holiday lights is both an art and a science. Without the proper tools and techniques, you can actually cause long-term damage to your rooftop. 

Rather than spoil the holidays — and the budget — with the need for emergency roof repair on your Kansas City home, consider these light-hanging hacks that will get the job done without harming your roof. Then read on for a little additional holiday inspiration!

Plastic Clips – A Must-Do to Save Your Roof

Staples or nails may seem like the quickest and most secure way to hang your holiday light display. However, these tools are not recommended by roofing professionals. Sharp objects may puncture the fascia boards, creating holes that let water into the roof. Instead, a quality roofing company in Kansas City will recommend you purchase specialized plastic clips that are easily fastened to and removed from your gutters. They hold holiday lights securely and come in many styles. Some fasten to the light string or physical bulb, while others sit nicely on your roof peak. Either way, plastic clips are your best bet for getting the lights hung without inflicting unwanted harm.

When hanging holiday lights, make sure you use good safety sense. If you’re getting up on a ladder, make sure you have a buddy to spot you. And if you’re not comfortable on a ladder, call someone who hangs lights professionally. Some jobs are best left to those with experience.

Make Your Holiday Display Stand Out!

The first thing you’ll want to consider when planning your holiday vision is the type of bulb you want to use. Holiday lights come in a variety of options, and each one has pros and cons. Incandescent lights are less expensive, but they also use more energy, so you don’t get as many bulbs per strand. LED lights are a popular alternative allowing you to power more lights from a single outlet. Another option is battery-operated lights. They’re perfect for homeowners with limited outside power sources.

Next, you’ll want to consider the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Do you want something sweet and traditional? Funky and fun? The answer to these questions will largely dictate your choice of holiday lights. Icicle and raindrop lights are popular picks that can be purchased in different lengths, creating an ice-swept look (without the hazard of real ice!). The two bulb styles differ a little in shape, but regardless of your choice, they both offer a romantic, whimsical feel. 

Large bulbs in a single strand offer a simplistic yet traditional look, especially if the bulbs are all the same color. Large strands of multi-colored bulbs or rope lights are more modern and playful. 

You can also impact the viewer’s experience by making the lights flash at different intervals. And, of course, choreographing the lights to your favorite holiday music takes the scene to a whole new level!

No Matter How You Decorate, Shamrock Roofing is Here to Help

There are truly no limits to what you can accomplish with your holiday display. Here at Shamrock Roofing and Construction, our number one tip for our customers is to have fun! But don’t forget to use the proper installation techniques, too. Otherwise, you may be browsing for a roofing company in Kansas City over the holidays to repair leaks from the holes you made in the roof.

You can always contact us if you need roof repair in Kansas City over the holidays. Or give us a call with roofing questions or to schedule a free roof inspection. Whatever you need, we’re here for you!