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Homeowner Favorites for Residential Roofing in Little Rock

It can be shocking to hear that you need a roof replacement on your Little Rock home. This unexpected and unwelcome news will likely set your brain spinning with all the details you have to sort through (timeline, finding a roofer, and the high cost of this upgrade!). As difficult as this news may be to swallow, the roof is one part of your home you can’t afford to ignore.

That said, when the time comes, choosing the right roofing material is no easy feat. Many roofing products on the market these days provide homeowners with function, color, and style options not available in the past. Luckily, our team at Shamrock Roofing and Construction has done some research for you. 

Based on our extensive experience in the roofing industry, these are some of the roofing products we like for Little Rock homes.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt roofing is by far the most popular roofing material in Little Rock. These versatile shingles are quite affordable, easy to install, and come in a variety of grades, so homeowners can select one that works well for their long-term plans. While asphalt shingles are fairly durable, their estimated lifespan is shorter than some of the more luxury roofing materials. That said, you get the most from any roof with diligent maintenance and a partnership with a qualified roofer in Little Rock. 

Wood Shingles

The look and feel of wood make it perfect for any Little Rock home. Wood roofing materials come in two styles: shingles and shakes. Shingles offer a more unified look because they’re measured and cut to perfection with a machine. The clean lines and even symmetry are appealing to many homeowners. Conversely, wood shakes are hand split and provide a more rustic, edgy feel. Either way, wood shingles suit the charm of homes in and around the Little Rock area. The downside is cost; expect to pay more for wood shingles than for standard asphalt. 

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is no longer reserved exclusively for barns and sheds. The colors and styles found in modern metal shingles make them a popular choice in residential communities these days. Roof repair on your Little Rock home is almost non-existent with metal roofing. Metal is highly resistant to all the Arkansas weather elements, and it’s well-known for reducing utility costs. This makes it a popular pick for area homeowners. In addition, metal roofing is highly customizable, coming in a variety of colors, sizes, textures, and shapes to match any architectural style or homeowner’s preference.

Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tiles have been around for ages, and for good reason. This luxury roofing material is designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, which makes it a perfect choice for Arkansas heat, humidity, and summer storms. The most recent line of clay shingles also sports a fade-resistant chemical that maintains the color and finish despite exposure to excessive UV rays. For these reasons and more, homeowners (and most local roofers in Little Rock) love working with clay tiles. The downside? They’re heavy, so they’re not supported by every home structure. Have a qualified roofer inspect your roof before committing to clay tile roofing. It’s also costly. You’ll pay a pretty penny for this type of roof, but homeowners agree that the finished product is worth it!

Need Help with a Roof Replacement in Little Rock? Give Shamrock Roofing a Call!

Determining the right roofing materials for your roof replacement can feel all-consuming. If you’re overwhelmed by the process, it’s time to contact us at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We’ll come out, do a free roof inspection, and provide you with a detailed consultation that will get you on the right track in no time. Give us a call today!