How Does Summer Weather Impact a Roof?

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If you’ve lived in Arkansas very long, you know that the summer months bring heat, humidity, and ominous storms. While the weather may impact your choice of activities throughout the day, you’ve likely never thought about how it can impact your roof. 

Luckily, Shamrock Roofing and Construction, your local expert on roofing in Fayetteville, has already identified the top five hazards of summer weather when it comes to the health of your roof. Here’s what you should know.

#1. Fading Color

There’s no doubt that the days are longer in the summer, and the sunshine is more intense. While this is good news for pool days and patio parties, it’s bad news for your roof! Persistent UV exposure can prematurely fade the crisp color of your shingles. This may dampen the overall aesthetic of your home over time, ultimately leading to the need for roof repair and possible replacement!

#2. Mold and Mildew Growth

The summer months are particularly muggy and humid. This extra moisture does more harm than good for your roof. When moisture sits on the surface of your roof for extended periods of time, you might discover a nice colony of mold or mildew manifesting on its surface. While a simple cleaning may take care of the p problem, a regular roof inspection in Fayetteville is a better choice. Having an expert assess the situation gives you the opportunity to address it before it gets out of hand.

#3. Shingle or Flashing Damage

Temperatures in Arkansas take major swings during the summer months. Unbearable heat during the day and milder conditions in the evening hours can wreak havoc on a roof. While cooler evening temps are welcomed with open arms by most residents, this constant shift in climate will expand and contract your roofing material, leading to thermal shock and a possible early demise. Luckily, you can avoid this crisis with routine care and maintenance.

#4. Summer Thunderstorms

Summer thunderstorms can be hard on a roof. Large hail is a nightmare for any homeowner, even if they have the best homeowners insurance on the market. The high winds that come with thunderstorms can also damage a roof. Heavy winds bring down branches and blow other debris around that can puncture shingles, knock off the granules, or tear gutters off the house. When that happens, there’s nothing to do but call in the pros for storm damage repair.

#5. Roofing Material Breakdown

Lastly, extreme heat over many years will eventually wear down even the best roofing materials. When this happens, you may notice a spike in your cooling bill. Modern roofing materials are UV-resistant and help reflect the sun’s harsh rays off the roof. This helps keep the home cooler inside and allows your air conditioner to run more efficiently. If you suspect your roof is about to the end of its life, get a roof inspection on the calendar. The experts can help you determine how much life is left in your roof.

Get Ready for Summer with a Roof Inspection in Fayetteville

It’s time to get your roof ready for the onset of summer with the help of a local roofing professional. Shamrock Roofing and Construction has the best team of experts around. With four decades in the roofing industry, we know pretty much everything there is to know about roofing in Fayetteville. Don’t let summer creep up on you. Do your roof a favor, and contact us to get on our schedule for a free roof inspection. We can help you care for one of your most important investments!