How Spray on Roof Coatings Benefit Commercial Roofs 

Commercial roofing in Kansas City, MO differs from residential. It requires a different design, materials, and construction techniques. Commercial buildings typically have flat roofs that are affected by weather conditions differently. One way to protect a commercial roof is with spray on coatings. If you’re wondering how spray on roof coatings benefit commercial roofing in Kansas City, MO, continue reading. 

Before we get into the benefits, it’s important that you understand what a roof coating is and how it works and different signs of the coatings. A roof coating essentially adds an extra layer of protection to your roof to extend its lifespan by a few years. The material is fluid that’s thicker than paint. The most common kinds are acrylic, asphalt, polyurethane, and silicone. Coatings are extremely elastic and are designed to expand and retract. Roofing contractors in Kansas City highly recommend spray on roof coatings. 

Longer Lifespan

Commercial roofs don’t last forever, and getting a new roof can be a hassle, which is why you want your commercial roof to last as long as you can. A roof coating installed by a premier roofing company in Kansas City will give a few more years to its lifespan.  

Energy Savings

Most coatings are light in color, making them reflective. With reflective roofs, the cooling costs of a building tend to be lower. By saving on energy, your chances of power outages are also reduced. 

Prevent Wear-and-Tear

Over time, traditional shingles and even some types of composite roofing systems eventually get worn down and need replacing. This is due to many factors, including age, weather, and poor maintenance. To avoid extensive wear-and-tear as much as possible, roofing companies in Kansas City suggest investing in roof coatings.  

Applying a Roof Coating

If you are interested in applying a roof coating to your flat roof, you will need to hire one of the your roofing companies in KC to do it for you. Depending on the required thickness, multiple coats may be required. Additionally, an inspection will also be needed to check for and roof repair kansas city any damaged areas. It is a very intricate process that only trained professionals can complete. If you’re looking for a company that does premier roofing in Kansas City, look no further than Shamrock Roofing and Construction.