Unseen Signs of Roof Damage

If a strong storm rolls through, uplifting a tree from its roots and falling on top of a roof, it’s an obvious sign that it’s time to call for emergency roof repair in Kansas City. However, not all signs of roof damage are as noticeable as a fallen tree. You may have problems occurring above your home that you don’t even know about! As one of the your roofing companies in KC, the following are some of the most common unseen signs of roof damage for you to be aware of.

Unseen Signs of Roof Damage

Loose Shingle Granules

Asphalt shingles are covered in granules. Because granules are so small, it can be extremely easy to overlook. Granules play an important role in protecting your home from UV rays and harsh weather. If you notice granules around your home or coming from the downspout, it’s a sign you need the best roofer in Kansas City to come out and complete an inspection.


Sometimes moisture problems can be very apparent, such as water leaking from the ceiling, while other times it can be completely hidden. For example, when your asphalt shingles lose granules, water can eventually find its way underneath without you even knowing. Majority of the time, moisture isn’t found unless you have roofing professionals contractors in Kansas City complete an inspection or until you experience water leakage. The more prolonged moisture is left untreated, the more serious the damage will be.

Hail Damage

When a storm brings hail and dents your car, you may want to check your roof too. How much damage your roof obtains depends largely on the material of your roof and spray on roof coatings. For instance, hail damage on a metal roof may be more noticeable than on asphalt shingles to anyone other than the best roofer in Kansas City.

Dented Flashing

Flashing is material, typically aluminum or steel, that covers joints on a roof. Flashing is normally placed around the chimney, skylights, etc. It serves as a sealer to avoid water from seeping through. Because it’s aluminum and/or steel, it can be dented easily.

As you can see, many signs of roof damage aren’t easily seen, which is why having roofing companies in Kansas City complete annual inspections are crucial. To ensure your roof is healthy and will keep your home safe, give Shamrock Roofing and Construction a call. We are a premier roofing company in Kansas City, and by addressing issues early enough, you can avoid extensive damage and a costly repair.