Roofing Alphabet: F is for Flashing In Kansas City

If you look up at a roof, you may notice metal material surrounding the base of certain areas, such as the chimney, skylights, and roof valleys. That metal is what is known as flashing.  This is the roofing alphabet: F is for flashing in Kansas City. 


For both residential and commercial roofing in Kansas City MO, flashing is a fundamental aspect in keeping water from leaking through a roof. The most common material of roof flashing is galvanized sheet metal, although it can also be made of rubber, felt, plastic, aluminum, and copper.  


Roofing companies in Kansas City apply flashing around chimneys, skylights, and roof valleys, as these areas are relatively vulnerable to water damage and roof leaks. Basically, any areas of a roof where two surfaces meet/intersect will require attention. 


Because flashing is installed in multiple areas by roofing contractors in Kansas City, there are different kinds of roof flashing that are important to make note of. The first is chimney flashing, which, as you can assume, is used to surround the base of a chimney. However, there are several parts of chimney flashing. Continuous flashing is applied along the bottom to protect the joints; step flashing is used up along the sides; and finished with saddle flashing on the top. A premier roofing company in Kansas City may also apply cap flashing to layer over the edges of the others to protect against water runoff.  


Along with chimneys, vent pipes are another common area for leaks. This flashing is cone-shaped and is installed in with the shingles. For sloped roofs and where a roof joins a dormer or skylights, step flashing is used. Lastly, drip edges prevent any water from finding its way underneath rakes and eaves.  


If you notice that your roof is leaking, one place the your roofing companies in KC will check is if there is any damage to the flashing, such as cracks or warping. Flashing protects a roofs most vulnerable areas to water, so it’s relatively easy to know whether or not flashing is damaged if leaks are occurring.   


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