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How The Best Roofing Companies In KC Locate Water Damage

A roof with water damage always presents an array of issues for the building owner or manager.  Roofing companies in Kansas City are always called for emergency roof repair in Kansas City due to some water damage or leakage.  Roofing contractors in Kansas City are skilled in locating, resolving, and fixing water damage and leakage issues, so building a good relationship with a KC roofer is essential for both commercial and residential building owners.  This is how the your roofing companies in KC locate water damage.


When attempting to resolve your leaking roof, your premier roofing company in Kansas City will first make sure they have the leak located inside your home or building.  This will help them confirm that the source of the leak is, in fact, coming from outside your home, and not from an issue with another appliance on the inside of your home.  Other than a problem with your roof, other sources of water leaks range from plumbing, roof scuppers, roof drains, HVAC issues, and extreme condensation.


Once your trusted roofer performing commercial roofing in Kansas City, MO locates the water damage on the inside, they will determine how the water is finding its way into your building and they will provide you some clean up tips.  This is done by measuring the location of the leak on your ceiling, and then again on the attic floor above your ceiling.  This helps them answer questions like:

  • How far is the water moving once it enters the building? 
  • Where is the water entering the building from? 
  • Is it an issue with the roofing or siding? 


Your Kansas City roofer will now begin locating the leak on the underside of your roof from inside the attic.  Finding the leak on the underside of a roof is as simple as looking for light entering your attic where it isn’t meant to.  If sunlight is able to enter your roof, so is water.  This is always a good indicator as to how serious the entry point of the water is.   


Whether your roofer finds that you need roof repair or roof replacement, understanding a roofer’s methods helps you make the decision of whether or not to work with them.  Find a roofer you trust, schedule an inspection, and prevent water damage in your home today!