Roofing Alphabet: M is for Mansard Roof

Unless you work for roofing companies in Johnson County, then you probably don’t drive through neighborhoods and notice what kind of roof lay atop each house. However, if you are in the real estate industry, are looking for a new home, or plan on constructing a house soon, then knowing the difference between the many roofing styles may be of some importance to you.  


Unbeknownst to most, there are actually many styles of roofs for a premier roofer in Johnson County out there, one of which is the Mansard. The Mansard roof is a very distinctive style that has been around since the Baroque period (1600-1750), which derived from the well-known Louvre Museum in Paris, France. It is characterized by having two slopes on all four sides, with the lower slope being considerably steeper than the top, which is fairly unnoticeable from the ground. 


This style became very popular among roofing contractors in Johnson County and around the world and is still a standard style on homes today.   



There’s a reason why Mansard roofs have been around for as long as they have and still built by the your roofing companies in KC. The first advantage is the additional space it provides to a home, such as an attic or another bedroom, without the need for extra support. Additionally, dormer windows are a common feature on Mansard roofs, which allows more natural light and excellent heat distribution. If you are going for design in a roof, this roofing style offers a very classic and sophisticated look versus a low slop or flat roof which can cause problems. 



Because a Mansard roof is elegant in design, its installation cost is relatively high among roofing companies in Johnson County and requires more time to construct than other designs. It is also not an ideal style for homes that experience extreme weather, such as heavy rain or snowfall, as it has a poor drainage system. Lastly, Mansard roofs require regular maintenance checks and can possibly rack up repairs.  


If you are considering a Mansard roof, discuss with roofing companies in Johnson County about city ordinances first. There may be specific requirements for this style of roof, depending on where you live. A premier roofing company in Johnson County will know the different requirements and local laws for whichever roofing style you choose.