Roofing Alphabet: O is for Organic Shingles

Americans have been in an organic craze for the last few years. Organic food is admirable and deemed “healthier” because it is grown without pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, etc. But did you know roofing shingles can be organic too? If you’re interested in natural products, we are going to discuss organic vs. fiberglass shingles and which one roofing companies in Johnson County prefer 


You’re probably wondering, “How can a roof shingle be organic?” Simply put, an organic shingle is just pure asphalt. It consists of felt paper that is saturated in asphalt and then coated with adhesive asphalt granules. They have been manufactured and used among roofing companies in Johnson County and around the country for quite a while, until a few years back when homeowners started noticing their organic shingles cracking, curling, losing granules, and pitting after just a couple of years since installation, when roofs are made to last decades. These occurrences among organic shingles were particularly prevalent in mansard roofs in areas of the United States and Canada that experienced extreme weather conditions from snow, wind, hail, and rain.  


Because of organic shingles poor durability, majority of manufacturers have stopped producing them and have switched to producing fiberglass shingles only. Today, roofing contractors in Johnson County don’t even have much access to organic shingles, as there are many lawsuits against these manufacturers and are now very hard to find.  


If you are interested in organic shingles because of its natural materials, you may want to consider something else, like fiberglass instead. Fiberglass shingles, which are a mixture of fiberglass and asphalt, are actually much more environmentally friendly and a top choice among the your roofing companies in Overland Park, KS. Fiberglass has higher quality, is easier to recycle, extremely durable, and most importantly, has a much longer lifespan than organic shingles.  


It is agreed among roofing contractors in Johnson County that fiberglass is without a doubt a better shingle material than organic. As a premier roofing company in Johnson County that specializes in both residential and commercial roofing in Johnson County, you can rest easy with Shamrock Roofing and Construction as we only the best roofing material on the market. Give us a call today for a free consultation!