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Prepare for Stormy Season

Weather can be unpredictable at times it is best to be prepared to ensure safety for you and your family. Stormy weather can bring hail storms, heavy winds, rain and even a tornado. It does feel that there is a lot to do before the storm but it is not a lot if you are organised. Here are some things to do before the storms

Firstly get your insurance checked and renewed if required, it could be your health insurance, home insurance or even car insurance as anything could get damaged during a storm. Secondly get your roof inspected for any damages and repairs it may require, even a minor leak or crack can lead to a major loss. There are many roofing companies in Kansas City & Omaha but you need to choose a good quality roofing company and one way to do that is to check for customer reviews. You can see Shamrock Roofing reviews here.

You may also want to make a list of major inventories to be sure that everything is in place, this will also give you an estimate for the supplies that you need to stock up on in case of emergencies. Lastly get on your toes and do some basic maintenance like cleaning the roof gutter, clearing tree branches that are very close to the property or parking and scrub the pathway and driveway to get rid of algae that can make it slippery during wet days.