Protect Your Investment with a Commercial Roofing Evaluation

Commercial property ownership offers an excellent avenue for growing your wealth. In addition, a commercial venture creates a sense of pride and accomplishment. That said, your due diligence doesn’t stop when you sign the contract and complete the transaction. Maintenance and upkeep are ongoing responsibilities, and failure to heed these tasks can have devastating effects. 

While many commercial owners focus on the saleable aspects of a rentable space (like functionality, cozy lobby areas, and airy aesthetics), a commercial roofing evaluation in Kansas City is something that shouldn’t be ignored. A roof replacement can be one of your most costly projects, so engaging in regular maintenance is a must-do. Here’s what Kansas City roofing construction services can spot during a roofing evaluation.

Superficial Defects

Many commercial roofs sport a flat structure, which makes them highly susceptible to damage. In the Midwest, commercial roofs can be hit with a myriad of weather-related challenges, as well as falling tree limbs and hail. Hiring a commercial roofing contractor to do a commercial roofing evaluation in Kansas City is a good investment. A professional contractor will be able to spot any cracks, holes, or significant blemishes that can impact the roof’s ability to keep water out and protect the building from the elements. 

Drainage System Faults

Another major benefit of using local Kansas City roofing construction services is their ability to spot drainage system challenges. Excess debris in gutters and around downspouts creates clogs in the system that result in standing water on the rooftop. This problem can quickly escalate and all but destroy your roof. Regular cleaning helps you avoid this disaster and keep your commercial property in top shape. 

Other Functional Areas

Terminations and edges are some of the most vulnerable components of the rooftop structure. The nature of their build makes them the first to take a hit when bad weather strikes. Your contractor should look for cracks and splits in these areas during a roofing evaluation. The roof’s expansion joints and metal flashing also require a regular checkup. Many leaks begin in these susceptible areas, which are an essential part of a well-functioning roofing system. Don’t let your roofing contractor slip away before checking on these particular areas.

It’s Time to Complete Your Commercial Roofing Evaluation in Kansas City!

Taking care of your commercial property is worth the investment, but finding the right crew for the job is easier said than done. Our team at Shamrock Roofing and Construction is the best in the business. Serving Kansas City customers since 1977, we have experience on our side, and we’re ready to help you care for your most prized asset – your commercial building. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!