Roof Maintenance Tips Before Winter

Even though it’s only fall, now is the time to start thinking about working on roof maintenance before winter! According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the Midwest is expected to receive a fairly brutal winter. In that case, roofing companies in Mission Hills want to make sure your roof is up to par with these roof maintenance tips before winter weather arrives.  

Roof Maintenance Tips Before WinterReceive a Roof Inspection 

As a premier KC residential roofing company in Mission Hills, you should’ve expected this one. We can’t emphasize enough how important annual roof inspections are! Getting your roof inspected in the fall before winter is the best time. Not only is the weather ideal for roofing contractors in Mission Hills, but it also allows enough time to make any repairs to ensure your roof can withstand the freezing weather that will hit in the upcoming months. 

Clean Your Gutters 

When you rake the leaves off your lawn this fall, don’t forget the gutters! Gutters are necessary to drain rainwater and snow, but if they’re clogged with leaves and other debris, it defeats the purpose. Even though unclogging gutters is a monotonous task, it must be done. In the winter, when temperatures hit below freezing, snow and rain will freeze amongst the debris and eventually lead you to need emergency roof repair in Mission Hills. 

Trim Trees

While snow is a beautiful sight, it can also be very dangerous. Dead tree limbs and branches can potentially fall when covered in ice and snow, which can be extremely hazardous if they’re leaning over your house. When you’re doing yard work this fall, the your roofing companies in Mission Hills recommend trimming any surrounding tree limbs to avoid the possibility of them causing damage to your roof. 

Check Attic Ventilation  

Inadequate attic ventilation in the winter means lots of things; one of those being ice dams! The best roofer in Mission Hills says to check your attic ventilation system this fall. Not only will proper ventilation keep you warm this winter, but it will also prevent the formation of an ice dam. Doing so will also benefit you financially by lowering your energy bills tremendously! 

Well, what are you waiting for? Call Shamrock Roofing and Construction today to receive your FREE roof inspection! Specializing in both residential and replace commercial roof in Mission Hills, we will make sure your roof is ready for this winter’s “Polar Coaster.”