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When to Replace Your Commercial Roof

The condition of the roof on a commercial building is extremely important. Because most commercial roofs are flat, knowing the signs of damage to a flat roof is also important. Not knowing the signs can spell disaster for your business and the property inside the building. According to Johnson County roofing companies, here are some signs for when to replace your commercial roof.

When to Replace Your Commercial Roof

High Energy Bills

The first and one of the most common signs commercial roofing contractors in Johnson County see when a commercial roof needs replacing is high energy bills. Unfortunately, this sign is less noticeable than others. Increased energy costs can be due to multiple factors, including poor R-value, poor insulation, and little reflective features.


A more obvious sign that it’s time to replace a commercial roof is when water is leaking from the ceiling. However, a leak isn’t always that noticeable. Sometimes a leak can come in the form of water spots, mold, and damage to the underside of the roof. If you notice a leak from your commercial roof, contact a company that does emergency roof repair in Johnson County immediately!


“Alligatoring” refers to the cracking and bubbling that a flat roof can experience, resembling alligator skin. This typically occurs due to sun exposure or water penetration that was never repaired by a Johnson County roofing company.

Ponding Water

Roofers in Johnson County often find that many commercial building owners think ponding water is a normal occurrence. However, if small ponds begin to form on a flat roof, more severe problems will arise. Unbeknownst to most, flat roofs actually have small slopes to allow for water drainage. If water isn’t draining, then you know your roof probably needs to be replaced.

Damaged Flashing

A common spot for water intrusion is through the flashing. Flashing is a metal material that helps seal cracks along areas where roofing angles meet. Over time, flashing can become damaged due to forces of nature and ultimately lose its fitting and not perform its job. Checking for flashing damage is fairly easy to do yourself, but Johnson County roofing contractors are more than happy to check for you during a roof inspection.

If you feel as though your commercial roof needs to be replaced, give Shamrock Roofing and Construction – your premium Johnson County roofing contractor – a call today for a free inspection.