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Roofing Alphabet: H is for Hip In Kansas City

If you’re in the process or have ever built a home in Kansas City, you’ve most likely had to decide what roof design you want. For those who don’t work in the industry for premier roofing in Kansas City, the abundance of roof types to choose from can be overwhelming. While there are so many designs out there, chances are you’ve heard of a hip roof and similar terms involved with it when talking to roofing contractors in Kansas City. 

Hip roof 

A hip roof is a very common roof design where all four sides meet together at the top and slope downwards. These roofs are extremely stable, making them great for withstanding high winds and snow. The sloped roof also makes it easy for rain and snow runoff as well. Hip roofs are excellent for nearly any and all roofing materials but are much more complicated and expensive to build than other roof designs, such as a gable roof. A hip roof is designed more so for residential buildings like ranch homes, cottages, and bungalows, rather than commercial roofing in Kansas City, MO. 

Hip Rafter 

The hip rafter is the structural member of a hip roof that spans from all four corners of the roof to the peak.  

Hip shingles 

For roofing companies in Kansas City to complete the installation process of a roofhip and ridge shingles are installed at the peak of the roof to bridge two slopes together. It adds the finishing touches, protects your roof’s peak from harsh weather, and protects the ridge vents, which allow warm moisture to escape from the building’s attic. If you notice your hip shingles are damaged in any way, call Shamrock Roofing and Construction for emergency roof repair in Kansas City. 

Disadvantages of hip roofs 

The first disadvantage of hip roofs, which was mentioned previously, is its more complicated design and installation process for roofing companies in Kansas City, especially with the flashing. However, it is one of the more structurally sound roof designs, which is something to consider. Another criticism is the little attic space you get with a hip roof.  

To learn more about hip roofs, contact a premier roofing company in Kansas City like Shamrock