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Why does my roof leak sometimes?

A lot of houses have roof leak at some point in time and it is the most dreaded thing.

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This could be steady that might happen on a regular basis which can be treated. But there are chances that the ceiling might leak sometimes. So, the question is how to stop a ceiling leak?

What is the cause for the ceiling to leak sometimes? In this article, we will discuss this very problem.

Possibilities of a ceiling leaking sometimes

Roof leak might have withstood a number of heavy rainfalls but then the ceiling starts to leak all of a sudden when there is a slight drizzle. An inconsistent leakage in the ceiling could be frustrating because as the leakage stops you will think that it will not happen again. But in reality, that is not the case. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities of a ceiling leakage.

Horizontal rain

Ceiling leakage can be repaired by an expert. Horizontal or windy rains cause more damage to the roof than you think. This is a result of both heavy rainfall and fast winds. Horizontal rain makes the water gets trapped below the shingles. Shingles are designed in such a way that when the water hits at a 90-degree angle and then runs off. If rain hits the shingles parallelly, then it can easily seep below, revealing cracks and leaks that were covered. For the past 5 nights of rain, there was no problem, but one windy night with rains caused the leakage.

Heavy rain

If there is heavy rainfall then it will also lead to roof leakage sometimes. During heavy rainfall, the gutters might not be able to withstand high water levels. If water is stagnant on the rooftop, it is likely to seep through the shingles and expose weaker spots on the roof.

Ridge vents

If there are ridge vents on the roof, then it’s possible that the wind blows the rain down the vents and inside the home. This is a rare occurrence of the three scenarios mentioned above, but you can’t rule out this possibility.

A leaking roof is a sure sign of something more sinister brewing. You simply can’t afford to ignore the symptoms. Trust us ignoring roof-related issues can be a really expensive affair and a pretty unsafe one. They say a stitch in time saves nine! this phrase is very true for leaking roofs also. the bottom line is – if your roof is leaking, it would be wise to call us right away to have a look. Give us a call – Our roofers will fix whatever is wrong with your roof.